from 31 March 2016 to 1 April 2016
Intercontinental Buenos Aires
America/Buenos_Aires timezone
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Public Workshop: Data Analysis


Location: Intercontinental Buenos Aires
Address: Buenos Aires, Argentina
Room: Montserrat
Date: 31 Mar 13:30 - 15:00


    • Mr. Stuart, Sean (Verisign)

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Session: Public Workshop: Data Analysis
Track: Public Workshop
Much has been written about IPv6 adoption and its performance. One thing that has not been explored is how IPv6 DNS resolution contributes to overall user experience. What impact does transport, authoritative server configuration and other factors have on the “long tail” of domains queried over IPv6? This talk will present experimental results using a data set of approximately 35 million uniq ... More
Presented by Mr. Ralf WEBER on 31/3/2016 at 16:30
Session: Public Workshop: Data Analysis
Track: Public Workshop
At the end of 2015 the Continuous Data-driven Analysis of Root Server System Stability (CDAR)[1] study was started by the consortium partners NLnet Labs, SIDN and TNO. The objective of the CDAR study is to analyze the technical impact of the introduction of New gTLDs in the root zone on the stability and security of the root server system. With this in mind, we engaged in the collection and an ... More
Presented by Mr. Bart GIJSEN on 31/3/2016 at 17:30
Session: Public Workshop: Data Analysis
Track: Public Workshop
SIDN, the registry for the .nl ccTLD, managing 5,6 million .nl domain names, has recently made significant changes to its zone file publication policy: - A new zone file is now available every hour, instead of every 2 hours. - The delegation TTL value has been decreased to match the new publishing interval. - The SOA minimum TTL value has been decreased from 900 to 600 seconds. We used ENT ... More
Presented by Mr. M WULLINK on 31/3/2016 at 17:00
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