3-5 October 2015
Fairmont Queen Elizabeth
US/Eastern timezone


Number of participants: 138

name institution position downcity country/region
AKPLOGAN, Adiel ICANN Vice President Technical Engagement   Canada
ANDREEV, Petr TCI engineer   Russian Federation
BJØRN HANSEN, Ask Apple     United States
BUSH, Randy Internet Initiative Japan     Japan
EBERSMAN, Paul Comcast     United States
HARTVIGSEN, Brian OpenDNS     United States
HOFFMAN, Paul ICANN     United States
HYNES, Liam Dyn     United States
ISA, Saib       Canada
JEFFERS, David ARIN     Canada
LOZANO, Gustavo ICANN     United States
MANNING, William       United States
MIZELLE, Devon ARIN     Canada
RISK, Victoria Internet Systems Consortium     United States
ROBIN, Noah AOL Principal Site Reliability Engineer   United States
RONCOLETA, Danillo NIC.BR     Brazil
ROWLEY, Matt ARIN     Canada
SINATRA, Michael ESnet Sr. Network and Systems Engineer   United States
SOTOMAYOR, William DNS-OARC     Canada
SWAIN, Amanda CIRA     Canada
WOUTERS, Paul Red Hat     Canada
ZAIFENG, Zhang QIHOO 360     China
ZHANG, Tongfeng CIRA Manager, Development   Canada
VARGHESE, Sanju Verisign Sr. Manager Aldie United States
MENSER, Charles WOW! Internet, Cable and Phone Network Architect Alpharetta United Kingdom
BUDDHDEV, Anand RIPE NCC   Amsterdam Netherlands
OVEREINDER, Benno NLnet Labs managing director Amsterdam Netherlands
WULLINK, Maarten SIDN Research Engineer Arnhem Netherlands
GRAVES, Susan DNS-OARC   Ashland, OR United States
EDMONDS, Robert Farsight Security   Atlanta United States
THOMAS, Matthew Verisign   Atlanta United States
CASTONGUAY, Jason Verisign Engineer Baltimore United States
GENG, Guanggang CNNIC Associate Researcher Beijing China
KE, Qiang Beijing Star World Technology Co. Software Enginner Beijing China
KERR, Shane BII Chief Architect Beijing China
PAN, Lanlan CNNIC Primary Technology Engineer beijing China
XINYUE, Zhang CNNIC Security Management Engineer Beijing China
ZHANG, Mingkai CNNIC   Beijing China
KWONG, David Cisco Systems Network Engineer Boxborough United States
APRIL, Tim Akamai Technologies Architect Cambridge United States
LAWRENCE, David Akamai Technologies Senior Architect Cambridge United States
ROY, Jean Akamai Technologies Director - Nameservers Cambridge United States
HUSTON, Geoff APNIC   Canberra Australia
MITCHELL, Keith DNS-OARC   Cleveland United States
FATHAUER, Adam Wells Fargo Network Engineer Columbus United States
MCCREDIE, Miles GDT   Dallas United States
JANSSEN, Peter EURid   Diegem Belgium
DAVIS, Trevor Verisign Cryptographic Engineer Dulles United States
WICINSKI, Tim Salesforce   Elkins United States
BALAKRICHENAN, Sandoche Afnic R&D Engineer Evry France
GERSCH, Joseph Secure64 Software Corporation COO / CTO Fort Collins United States
PETRASCH, Christian DENIC DNS Operator Frankfurt / Main Germany
JOHNSON, Aaron Charter Communications Network Engineer Greenwood Village United States
COWIE, James Dyn Chief Scientist Hanover,NH United States
YALAMATI, Sree Raghu Harsha Microsoft Service Engineer Hyderabad India
MCNALLY, Michael Internet Systems Consortium   Ketchikan, Alaska United States
SAX, John Integrated Strategy and Tactics Managing Consultant Lexington United States
DUARTE, Eduardo DNS.PT   Lisbon Portugal
POPOVICH, Peter Farsight Security Director, Technical Operations Lithia United States
ZWITTNIG, Benjamin Registry.si   Ljubljana Slovenia
ABLEY, Joseph Dyn   London Canada
ARENDS, Roy ICANN Principal Research Scientist London United Kingdom
BHABUTA, Denesh DNS-OARC   London United Kingdom
KNIGHT, Dave Dyn Principal Architect London Canada
VALSORDA, Filippo Cloudflare Systems Engineer London United Kingdom
ALVAREZ, Eduardo ICANN Technical Services Sr. Manager Los Angeles United States
BLAZINA, Jesse Verizon Digital Media Services (formerly EdgeCast) Senior Software Engineer Los Angeles United States
CRAIN, John ICANN   Los Angeles United States
GONZALEZ, Luis ICANN Technical Services Sr. Manager Los Angeles United States
KHEMLANI, Dalini DNS-OARC Project Development Manager Los Angeles United States
PRESSLY, Will Verizon Digital Media Services (formerly EdgeCast) Fellow Los Angeles United States
VERGARA ERECHE, Mauricio ICANN Lead DNS Engineer Los Angeles United States
ALLEN, David Dyn SVP, Legal and General Counsel Manchester United States
BROWER, Austin FairPoint Communications Sales Engineer Manchester United States
GRAY, Robert Dyn Partner Account Director Manchester United States
LARSON, Matt Dyn CTO Manchester United States
STUART, Alan Fairpoint Communications Tier II Network Engineer Manchester United States
FARMER, David University of Minnesota Network Design Engineer Minneapolis United States
BCHARAH, Ramzy Videotron Senior System Analyst Montreal Canada
WESSELS, Duane Verisign   Moscow United States
BEEVERS, Kristopher NSONE CEO New York United States
JEAN-FRANCOIS, Nathanael NSONE Sr. Network Architect New York United States
WEYRICK, Shannon NSONE Director of Engineering New York United States
CHANTIGNY, Rock CIRA Operations Manager Ottawa Canada
HOOPER, Roy Rightside   Ottawa Canada
LATOUR, Jacques CIRA CTO Ottawa Canada
MALENFANT, Eric CIRA Sr Systems Administrator Ottawa Canada
THOMPSON, Evan CIRA Application Developer Ottawa Canada
VIAU, Jenn CIRA Systems Administrator Ottawa Canada
ZACK, Jacob CIRA Sr. DNS Administrator Ottawa Canada
BELLIS, Ray Internet Systems Consortium Research Fellow Oxford United Kingdom
DYSON, Karl Nominet Senior DNS Engineer Oxford United Kingdom
DICKINSON, John Sinodun   Oxford Science Park United Kingdom
DICKINSON, Sara Sinodun   Oxford Science Park United Kingdom
BARNITZ, John Comcast Senior Engineer Philadelphia United States
GRIFFITHS, Chris Nominet Director Philadelphia United States
HAGOPIAN, Peter Comcast Manager, DNS & Web Services Philadelpia United States
FILIP, Ondrej CZ.NIC   Prague Czech Republic
HLAVACEK, Tomas CZ.NIC   Prague Czech Republic
SURÝ, Ondřej CZ.NIC Technical Fellow Prague Czech Republic
WINSTEAD, Eddy Internet Systems Consortium   Raleigh United States
LAGERHOLM, Stephan Microsoft   Redmond United States
MANDAPATI , Raja Microsoft Sr.Service Engineer Redmond United States
MARTIN, Jim Internet Systems Consortium Director of Operations Redwood City United States
VAN NICE, Bruce Nominum   Redwood City United States
WEBER, Ralf Nominum   Redwood City United States
BOOS, Roy Cisco Systems   Research Triangle Park United States
HUQUE, Shumon Verisign Labs   Reston United States
MANKIN, Allison Verisign Labs   Reston United States
STUART, Sean Verisign   Reston United States
VERD, Brad Verisign VP Operations Reston United States
WEINBERG, Matt Verisign   Reston United States
BARBER, Piet Verisign   Reston, VA United States
MARTIN, Bill Wells Fargo Network Engineer Roseville United States
SILVA DAMAS, Joao Luis Bond Internet Systems   San Sebastian de los Reyes Spain
DÍAZ, Marco NIC Chile DNS Admin Santiago Chile
MUÑOZ, Gonzalo NIC Chile DNS Administrator Santiago Chile
GARDINI, Marcelo NIC.BR NOC Manager Sao Paulo Brazil
HICKS, Roy TELUS IP Design Specialist Scarborough Canada
MILLER, Donavan Amazon Systems Engineer Seattle United States
ROBERTS, Bruce DomainTools CTO Seattle United States
CONNELL, Isaiah Charter Communications Principle Engineer 2 St. Louis United States
SRIRAM, Ajay Charter Communications Principal Engineer St. Louis United Kingdom
DETWEILER, Valerie AOL SRE Manager Sterling United States
KUMARI, Warren Google   Sterling United States
WOLKERT, Mathias Netnod Senior Network Engineer Stockholm Sweden
LIU, Charlie Charter Communications Director, Eng.-IP Management Sun Prairie United States
MCFADDEN, Rhonda Wells Fargo Network Engineer, DDI Tempe United States
FUJIWARA, Kazunori JPRS   Tokyo Japan
CLEMENTS, Carl Afilias Internet Operations Specialist Toronto Canada
POUNSETT, Matthew Rightside Sr. DNS Engineer Toronto Canada
SOMERS, Brian OpenDNS, FreeBSD   Vancouver Canada
TOONK, Andree OpenDNS & BGPmon.net Manager Network Engineering Vancouver Canada
LABELLE, Jordan TELUS Technology Specialist Vaudreuil-Dorion Canada
GUÐMUNDSSON, Ólafur CloudFlare   Washington, DC United States
CASTRO, Sebastian NZRS Technical Research Manager Wellington New Zealand
FOSTER, Dane NZRS Sr Systems Administrator Wellington New Zealand
STEWART, Jonathan CIRA Technician Winnipeg Canada