8-9 March 2018
Centro de Convenciones de Puerto Rico
America/Puerto_Rico timezone

There is always time for DNS

8 Mar 2018, 17:00
209-BC (Centro de Convenciones de Puerto Rico)


Centro de Convenciones de Puerto Rico

100 Calle Guamaní San Juan 00907 Puerto Rico
Standard Presentation Public Workshop Public Workshop


Mr. Jerry Lundström (DNS-OARC)


# Background Over the last two years I've been working on reducing the duplicated code that exists between OARC software. This created a bunch of helper libraries, code that can be added as a git submodule to each software, to handle PCAPs, config files and more. These libraries also helped creating drool, DNS Replay Tool, and whatever functionality that was missing got added and more helper libraries was created. # Problems While developing drool I ran into a rather tricky problem, how do you easily configure different scenarios such as read from PCAP A and send to target B but also target C and maybe only for some queries or copies... and so on. In the long run the configure language would more or less become a script language. I have also not been so happy about the dynamic loadable plugins design in dnscap, they are not easy for anyone to make and a bit of a hassle to package. Thoughts here have been to replace it with some integration to some kind of script engine. # Solution(?) Many other DNS and packet generating software are using Lua in some form so I took a week to try it out and see if I could put a script engine in drool to tie together all the components. This gave birth to **dnsjit**! And I will present more details on how it works and what the future plans.


dnsjit - Engine for capturing, parsing and replaying DNS

Talk Duration 30 Minutes

Primary author

Mr. Jerry Lundström (DNS-OARC)

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