9 June 2020
UTC timezone


OARC (online) 32a Registration Form

From 7 May 2020
To 9 Jun 2020
Contact info

Registration open until 13:00 UTC on June 9th, 2020. No registrations accepted after this time.

The details you supply during registration will be used as follows:

Appearing on:
Attendee List: First Name, Last Name, Position, Company, Country

Used for:
Anonymised statistical analysis: Position, Company, Country, First Time Attendee status
Contacting you about the meeting: Email address

We will add other indicative information to your registration (does not show on the attendee list) if you are one or more of the following: a DNS-OARC Board member, and/or Staff and/or Programme Committee member; a representative of an OARC 32a Sponsor or DNS-OARC Workshop Patron; an OARC 32a speaker; an OARC member and membership level.

We are likely to share your name and email address with Zoom via their application for logistical purposes as we will be using their software to run this online workshop.

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