May 10 – 11, 2014
Sofitel Warsaw Victoria
Europe/Warsaw timezone

Member-only Session and EGM

OARC May 2014 EGM - Agenda

Date: Saturday 10th May 2014
Time: 10:00 CEST
08:00 UTC
Location: Sofitel Warsaw Victoria, Krolewska 1100-065, Warsaw, Poland
Room: Opera
Webcast: TBC
Jabber: TBC
Chair: Ondrej Filip
Secretary: Keith Mitchell

May 2014 Extraordinary General Meeting of OARC, Inc

Keith Mitchell, OARC Secretary, 10th April 2014

  1. 10:00 Start of member-only session

  2. Introduction from OARC Chairman (Ondrej Filip)

  3. 10:30 Start of formal AGM business

  4. Approve Minutes of 2013 AGM

  5. Action of the Members - Approve Resolutions:

    1. to provide that the presence in person or by proxy of one-third of the members at any meeting of members shall constitute a quorum for the transaction of business;

    2. to provide that the requirement of a written ballot shall be satisfied by a ballot submitted by electronic transmission, provided that any such electronic transmission must either set forth or be submitted with information from which it can be determined that the electronic transmission was authorized by the member;

    3. to provide that any such company, institution or other entity which qualifies for membership under Article III, Section 1 of these Bylaws shall be deemed to nclude, for purposes of voting, all of such company's, institution's or other entity's respective employees, agents and affiliates. In all cases regardless of the number of employees, independent contractors, agents or affiliates, such company, institution or other entity shall be entitled to only one vote on any matter which requires approval of the Company's members pursuant to the Bylaws;

  6. Receive Presentation on Proposed Membership Category and Participation Agreement changes (Ondrej Filip/Duane Wessels)

  7. AOB

  8. Conclusion of formal EGM business

  9. 11:30 Break

  10. 11:45 Member-only Presentation(s)

  11. Conclusion of member-only session

  12. 12:30 Lunch Break

  13. 14:00 Start of OARC Public Workshop

Keith Mitchell, OARC Secretary, 10th April 2014