Oct 11 – 13, 2014
Hyatt Regency Century Plaza
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DNS - the glue in the IoT

Oct 12, 2014, 4:00 PM
Westside (Hyatt Regency Century Plaza)


Hyatt Regency Century Plaza

2025 Avenue of the Stars Los Angeles California 90067 USA
Public Workshop Sunday Workshop (Public)


Mr Sandoche Balakrichenan (Afnic)


In Internet of Things (IoT), the "Things" could be anything from refrigerators to human to books. These "things" should be identified at least by one unique way of identification, for the capability of addressing and communicating with each other. This is made possible by attaching/embedding different data carrier devices such as barcodes,RFID, Sensors etc with the 'things'. Sensors, for example could be identified by MAC or IPv6 address. Similarly barcodes, RFID tags are encoded with an identifier based on different identification schemes such as Universal Product Code, (UPC), Electronic Product Code (EPC), ucode etc. The basic feature of these identifiers are : they are allocated hierarchically, control is decentralised and the nature of allocation makes sure that there is no duplicity. The identifier properties described in the previous paragraph are similar to the domain name allocation and management, and thus, identifiers in IoT could leverage the DNS infrastructure and software for allocation and resolution. Leveraging DNS for other uses started with ENUM for telephone numbers, and for IoT, there exists already overlay mechanisms services such as Object Naming Service (ONS) [EPCglobal standard] and Object Directory Service (ODS) [ITU-T standard] which uses the DNS to resolve the IoT identifiers (their respective identification schemes) to its related digital information. As DNS acts as a "glue" in the current Internet, where its basic feature is to resolve "human-friendly" host names to their corresponding "machine-friendly" IP addresses, in IoT also it is proved, that DNS could be a glue for certain identification schemes. This talk will concentrate on [1] How DNS could be leveraged for resolving a 'thing' associated with an RFID based on our experiences in working on the WINGS [WINGS] project and contributing to the ONS 2.0 standard [EPCglobal standard] [2] The issues involved in using DNS for resolution in the Wireless sensor network (i.e using Sensor devices) based on a recently started collaborative project [WSNProject]. [3] If time permits, IoT standardisation activities at the IETF relating to DNS [WINGS] http://www.wings-project.fr/ [EPCglobal standard] http://www.gs1.org/gsmp/kc/epcglobal/ons/ons_2_0_1-standard-20130131.pdf [ITU-T standard] Object Directory Service for Mobile AIDC services (ISO/IEC 29177) [WSNProject] http://www.labfab.fr/portfolio/lora-fabian/

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