Oct 11 – 13, 2014
Hyatt Regency Century Plaza
US/Pacific timezone

AGM and Member-only Session

2014 Annual General Meeting of OARC, Inc

Date: Saturday 11th October 2014
Time: 21:00 UTC
14:00 PDT
Location: Hyatt Regency Century Plaza
2025 Avenue of the Stars
Los Angeles, California 90067
Room: Westside, Plaza level
Jabber: xmpp:members@conference.dns-oarc.net
Chair: Ondrej Filip
Secretary: Keith Mitchell

OARC 2014 AGM Timetable


OARC 2014 AGM Agenda

  1. 14:00 Start of formal AGM business

  2. Introduction from OARC Chairman (Ondrej Filip)

  3. Receive OARC President's Report (Keith Mitchell)

  4. Receive OARC Treasurer's Report on 2013 audited Financial Statements. (Matt Pounsett, Outgoing Treasurer)

  5. Approve 2013 OARC Audited Financial Statements

  6. Approve Minutes of 2013 AGM

  7. Approve Minutes of May 2014 EGM

  8. 15:00 Break

  9. 15:30 Receive presentation of revised version of OARC Participation Agreement (Ondrej Filip)

  10. Action of the Members - Approve Resolution:

    • to provide that the Beneficial Membership category shall no longer be available and Beneficial Members shall instead be deemed Supporters, effective as of the date hereof;

  11. Elect three member representatives to the OARC Board

  12. AOB

  13. Conclusion of formal AGM business

  14. 17:00 Member-only presentations

    1. Jacques LaTour, CIRA
    2. Roy Arends, Nominet
  15. 18:00 End of Member-only Session

Keith Mitchell, OARC Secretary, 19th September 2014