9-10 May 2015
Okura Hotel
Europe/Amsterdam timezone
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Okura Hotel - Heian I/II
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dnsdist - DNS, latency and DoS-aware load balancing

Abstract content

Recently, DNS systems have been under sustained attack via open relays or dedicated sources of malicious traffic. Simultaneously, many operators note poor support for DNS within their existing load balancing solutions.

It has been noted that load balancing DNS is not like load balancing HTTP. For example, one highly loaded server delivers better response times than 10 lightly loaded servers.

dnsdist offers realtime insight into DNS traffic patterns, and couples this with innovative blocking, modifying and query distribution strategies. Such strategies can either be implemented statically (but configured from Lua) or fully dynamically (entirely hosted by Lua).

dnsdist is open source and not PowerDNS specific.


dnsdist is a new and innovative load balancer for DNS. It is highly latency and DoS-aware, and offers dynamic ways to distribute, block or modify traffic.