from 31 March 2016 to 1 April 2016
Intercontinental Buenos Aires
America/Buenos_Aires timezone


Number of participants: 114

name institution position city upcountry/region
SOLIÑO, María Mónica UYNIC System Admin Montevideo Uruguay
YORK, Dan Internet Society Senior Content Strategist Keene United States
WOOLF, Suzanne   Consultant Beverly United States
WINSTEAD, Eddy Internet Systems Consortium     United States
WICINSKI, Tim Salesforce Site Reliability Architect   United States
WESSELS, Duane Verisign   Moscow United States
WEINBERG, Matt Verisign   Reston United States
WEBER, Ralf Nominum Inc     United States
VERGARA ERECHE, Mauricio ICANN Lead DNS Engineer Los Angeles United States
VERD, Brad Verisign VP Operations Reston United States
SULLIVAN, Andrew Dyn Fellow Manchester United States
STUART, Sean Verisign   Reston United States
SOLTERO, David ICANN Lead DNS Engineer Los Angeles United States
ROBIN, Noah AOL Site Reliability Engineer Sterling United States
PANG, Kong Verizon Digital Media Services Software Engineer Los Angeles United States
OKUBO, Tomofumi Verisign Sr. Engineer, Applied Security   United States
MOHAISEN, Aziz SUNY Buffalo Professor   United States
MITCHELL, Keith DNS-OARC   Cleveland United States
MCNALLY, Michael Internet Systems Consortium   Ketchikan, Alaska United States
MCCREDIE, Miles GDT     United States
MAUCH, Jared NTT   Ann Arbor United States
MARTIN, Jim Internet Systems Consortium Ex-Director of Operations Redwood City United States
MANKIN, Allison       United States
LEWIS, Edward ICANN     United States
LAWRENCE, David Akamai Technologies   Cambridge MA United States
LARSON, Matthew Dyn Chief Technology Officer Manchester United States
KNIGHT, Dave Dyn   Manchester United States
JONES, Kevin NASA Ames Research Center E-root Representative Moffett Field United States
HUQUE, Shumon Verisign Labs   Reston United States
HORNE, Geoff Infoblox Inc Architect   United States
HOFFMAN, Paul ICANN     United States
HAGOPIAN, Peter Comcast   Philadelphia United States
GUÐMUNDSSON, Ólafur CloudFlare Engineering Manager San Francisco United States
GRAVES, Susan DNS-OARC   Ashland United States
EDMONDS, Robert Farsight Security, Inc.   Atlanta United States
EBERSMAN, Paul Comcast     United States
DECCIO, Casey Verisign Labs     United States
CRAIN, John ICANN Board   United States
BLAZINA, Jesse Verizon Digital Media Services Sr Software Developer Los Angeles United States
BARBER, Piet Verisign   Reston United States
DICKINSON, Sara Sinodun IT   Oxford United Kingdom
DICKINSON, John Sinodun IT   Oxford United Kingdom
CARR, Brett Nominet UK Senior DNS Engineer Wallingford United Kingdom
BOND, John ICANN     United Kingdom
BHABUTA, Denesh DNS-OARC   London United Kingdom
BELLIS, Ray Internet Systems Consortium Research Fellow Oxford United Kingdom
ARENDS, Roy ICANN     United Kingdom
STIRNIMANN, Daniel SWITCH     Switzerland
WISSER, Ulrich IIS Architect Stockholm Sweden
LUNDSTRÖM, Jerry DNS-OARC     Sweden
SILVA DAMAS, Joao Luis APNIC Labs   Madrid Spain
NOVAKOVSKII, Konstantin Selectel   St. Petersburg Russian Federation
MONTEIRO, Sara DNS.PT IT System Administrator Lisbon Portugal
CASTRO, Sebastian NZRS Technical Research Manager Wellington New Zealand
WULLINK, M SIDN Research Engineer Arnhem Netherlands
TOOROP, Willem NLnet Labs   Amsterdam Netherlands
OVEREINDER, Benno NLnet Labs     Netherlands
OBSER, Florian RIPE NCC Systems Engineer Amsterdam Netherlands
MOURA, Giovane SIDN Data Scientist Arnhem Netherlands
KERR, Shane BII   Uithoorn Netherlands
GIJSEN, Bart TNO Scientific consultant The Hague Netherlands
DOLMANS, Ralph NLnet Labs     Netherlands
DAVIDS, Marco SIDN Research engineer Arnhem Netherlands
BUDDHDEV, Anand RIPE NCC   Amsterdam Netherlands
FUJIWARA, Kazunori Japan Registry Services Co.   Tokyo Japan
BUSH, Randy Internet Initiative Japan   Tokyo Japan
PETRASCH, Christian DENIC eG     Germany
LEVIGNERON, Vincent AFNIC     France
BORTZMEYER, Stéphane AFNIC Engineer Montigny-le-Bretonneux France
HUSA, Ari-Matti FICORA Network Specialist Helsinki Finland
VČELÁK, Jan CZ.NIC Programmer and Researcher Praha Czech Republic
TALIR, Jaromir CZ.NIC     Czech Republic
SURÝ, Ondřej CZ.NIC Fellow Praha Czech Republic
FILIP, Ondrej CZ.NIC   Prague Czech Republic
OVIEDO, Mauricio NIC Costa Rica IT Manager San Jose Costa Rica
ROMERO, Gonzalo .CO Internet - NEUSTAR CISO Bogota Colombia
ZHANG, Yuedong CNNIC Deputy Chief Engineer   China
YUCHI, Xuebiao CNNIC Research Engineer   China
SUN, Congyou CNNIC   Beijing China
SONG, linjian Beijing Internet Institute Director or BII Lab Beijing China
PAN, Lanlan CNNIC     China
JURONG, Li CNNIC     China
MUÑOZ, Gonzalo NIC Chile DNS Administrator Santiago Chile
MERCADER, Eduardo NIC Chile CTO Santiago Chile
DIAZ, Marco NIC Chile DNSAdmin Santiago Chile
CIFUENTES, Francisco NIC Chile Research Labs Research Engineer Santiago Chile
BUSTOS-JIMÉNEZ, Javier NIC Chile Research Labs     Chile
ZACK, Jacob CIRA Sr. DNS Architect Ottawa Canada
WOUTERS, Paul CIRA // No Hats   Toronto Canada
WATTERS, Jim CIRA Sr Network Administrator Ottawa Canada
POUNSETT, Matthew Rightside Senior DNS Engineer Toronto Canada
LATOUR, Jacques CIRA CTO Ottawa Canada
TRAJBER, Mauro Software Engineer São Paulo Brazil
SANTOS, Marcio Infoblox Systems Engineer   Brazil
RONCOLETA, Danillo     Brazil
RODRIGUES, Ricardo Nominum System Engineer, Latin America   Brazil
PETRELI JORGE, João Ricardo System Analist São Paulo Brazil
NEVES, Frederico CTO Sao Paulo Brazil
KOBAYASHI, Hugo     Brazil
JUSTO, Rafael Software Engineer São Paulo Brazil
GARDINI, Marcelo Operations Manager Sao Paulo Brazil
DE LIMA GUSMÃO, Mendelson Systems Analyst São Paulo Brazil
ANUNCIADO, Edinei Nominum System Engineer Rio de Janeiro Brazil
ALMEIDA, Diego   São Paulo Brazil
MICHAELSON, George APNIC   Brisbane Australia
MANDERSON, Terry ICANN Director DNS Engineering   Australia
HUSTON, Geoff APNIC   Canberra Australia
ANDREWS, Mark Internet Systems Consortium     Australia
PINTO, Juan Joel AMX // Claro Argentina Packet Core Engineer Buenos Aires Argentina
MOGUILEVSKY, Hernan CABASE Operador NOC Buenos Aires Argentina
MINUCHIN, Luciano     Buenos Aires Argentina
MARTIN-LEGENE, Robert PCH Internet Infrastructure Specialist   Argentina
CICILEO, Guillermo LACNIC     Argentina
CARBONI, Pablo AMX // Claro Argentina Ingeniero Plataforma de Datos Buenos Aires Argentina