from 31 March 2016 to 1 April 2016
Intercontinental Buenos Aires
America/Buenos_Aires timezone
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Public Workshop: Tools & Measurements


Location: Intercontinental Buenos Aires
Address: Buenos Aires, Argentina
Room: Montserrat
Date: 1 Apr 09:00 - 10:30


    • Buddhdev, Anand (RIPE NCC)

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Session: Public Workshop: Tools & Measurements
Track: Public Workshop
Knot DNS Resolver is a new CZ.NIC project that builds a fully DNSSEC-validating DNS resolver. But it's more it's a powerful platform for building resolver service due its extensibility via modules and configuration in Lua.
Presented by Mr. Ondrej SURY on 1/4/2016 at 12:00
Session: Public Workshop: Tools & Measurements
Track: Public Workshop
The ability to measure network and server behaviors from different network vantage points is important for understanding the general health of a network ecosystem. There are various platforms, frameworks, and APIs designed and built to accommodate this need. In this talk we discuss a new DNS looking glass framework designed for low-overhead deployment and great flexibility, and available for use ... More
Presented by Dr. Casey DECCIO on 1/4/2016 at 13:00
Session: Public Workshop: Tools & Measurements
Track: Public Workshop
In the 20th DNS-OARC workshop, we showed a virtual HSM based on threshold cryptography. This system has the purpose to be used with OpenDNSSEC in order to provide a low cost solution to DNS record signing automation. But that system had a single point of failure: the key manager. Single points of failure are undesirable, even more in a fault tolerant distributed system. After a reengineering durin ... More
Presented by Mr. Francisco CIFUENTES on 1/4/2016 at 12:30
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