September 29, 2017 to October 3, 2017
Fairmont San Jose
US/Pacific timezone

Annual General Meeting

2017 Annual General Meeting of OARC, Inc

Date: Saturday 30th September 2017
Time: 00:30 UTC
15:30 PDT
Location: Fairmont San Jose
San Jose, California, USA
Room: Regency 2 Ballroom
Chair: Duane Wessels

OARC 2017 AGM Timetable

  • 30th June:
  • 29th July: Call for Board election nominations
  • 25th August 5th September: Deadline for Board Election candidate nominations.
  • 29th August: Resolutions and election candidate platforms posted.

OARC 2017 AGM Agenda

  1. 15:30 Start of formal AGM business

  2. Introduction from OARC Chairman (Duane Wessels)

  3. 15:35 Receive OARC Status Report (Keith Mitchell, President; OARC Staff)

  4. 16:45 Receive OARC Treasurer's Report on 2016 audited Financial Statements. (Keith Mitchell, Secretary)

  5. 16:55 Approve 2016 OARC Audited Financial Statements

  6. Approve Minutes of 2016 AGM

  7. 17:00 Special Resolutions:

    1. "that Article IV of the Company’s Bylaws shall be revised to provide that all of the Directors shall be elected by the members, and such change shall be effective beginning with the election of Directors at the Company’s 2018 annual meeting of the members;"
    2. "that all matters pertaining to the Members as set forth in the Company’s Bylaws, including without limitation, voting rights, quorum calculations and other matters contained in Article III, shall pertain only to Members and shall not be applicable to Supporters."
  8. 17:30 Elect three member representatives to the OARC Board (Proxy Form)

  9. 17:50 Close of meeting