October 31, 2019 to November 1, 2019 AGM
JW Marriott Austin
America/Winnipeg timezone
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Testing server selection algorithms in DNS resolvers

Oct 31, 2019, 4:00 PM
Griffin Hall (JW Marriott Austin)

Griffin Hall

JW Marriott Austin

110 E 2nd St Austin TX 78701 USA
No longer available: Standard Presentation Public Workshop


Petr Špaček (CZ.NIC)


Different implementations of DNS resolvers take different approaches to the authoritative server selection problem, i.e. resolvers are faced with the question "Which authoritative server should I ask now?". This presentation introduces a new tool for testing server selection strategies implemented in DNS resolvers.

The tool runs DNS resolvers inside a simulated environment containing various authoritative server configurations (good and lame delegations, invalid signatures, …) and also network parameters (latency, packet loss, …), and gathers statistical data about communication between the resolver and authoritative servers.

Using this tool, we can expose multiple versions of different implementations to various scenarios and get better understanding of their performance, and thus make informed decisions refactoring/rewriting/configuring server selection part of DNS resolvers.

We will also present our findings about various resolver implementations.

Talk Duration Lightning Talk 10 Minutes

Primary author

Petr Špaček (CZ.NIC)

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