Sep 28 – 29, 2020 AGM
UTC timezone

Annual General Meeting

2020 Annual General Meeting of OARC, Inc

Date: Tuesday 29th September 2020
Time: 16:00 UTC (Noon EDT)
Location: Zoom Videoconference
(325 S College Ave, Indianpolis IN 46202, USA)
Chat: OARC Mattermost
Chair: George Michaelson
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Registration is required to attend (and vote) at the AGM and is separate to OARC 33 registration. See the link above to register to attend the AGM.

OARC 2020 AGM Timetable

  • 24th July: Call for Board election nominations
  • 12th August: Registration open
  • 25th August: Initial Deadline for Board Election candidate nominations.
  • 28th August: Resolutions and election candidate platforms posted.
  •  4th September: Extended Deadline for Board Election candidate nominations.
  • 25th September: Deadline for registration and submission of proxies.

OARC 2020 AGM Agenda

  1. 16:00 Start of formal AGM business

  2. AGM opening by Chair (George Michaelson)

  3. 16:10 Receive OARC Status and Engineering (Systems, Software) reports (Keith Mitchell, OARC Staff)

  4. 16:50 Break

  5. 17:00 Re-start

  6. 17:10 Receive OARC Treasurer's Report on 2019 Financial Statements (Jacques Latour)

  7. 17:20 Approve 2019 OARC Audited Financial Statements

  8. 17:30 Approve Minutes of 2019 AGM

  9. 17:40 Any other business

  10. 17:50 Election of three member representatives to the OARC Board

  11. 18:00 Close of meeting