June 9, 2020
UTC timezone

DNSSEC in ORG with a dash of COVID

Jun 9, 2020, 7:35 PM
Standard Presentation Online Workshop


Ms Suzanne Woolf (PIR)


The ORG top-level domain was originally signed in 2009, and the parameters and infrastructure used to make that happen remain today, 11 years later, largely unchanged. Since then new algorithms have been standardised and implemented, and new weaknesses found, most recently in SHA-1.

We started scoping our plans to revisit these decisions at the beginning of this year, around the time that the COVID-19 epidemic was recognised as a pandemic and as the global implications of that designation started to become clear.

We will provide some insight into how some quite expansive plans for change in the ORG zone became scaled back as a consequence of this new viral world order and describe the reduced scope of what we expect to achieve this year. We still expect there to be opportunities for research and to need to ensure operational awareness of what we are doing, but perhaps with less drama and a plotline that will extend into next year.

Talk Duration 20 minutes
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Primary authors

Mr Joe Abley (PIR) Ms Suzanne Woolf (PIR)

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