Oct 22 – 23, 2022 Workshop
Golden Tulip Zira
Europe/Belgrade timezone

Embracing SLA's: How Customer Requirements Drive Innovation

Oct 23, 2022, 3:15 PM
Mykonos / Rodos (Golden Tulip Zira)

Mykonos / Rodos

Golden Tulip Zira

Ruzveltova 35 11000 Belgrade Republic of Serbia
Standard Presentation Main Session OARC 39 - D2


Jake Zack (CIRA)


Exploring how CIRA's growth from a single-customer (.CA) unicast DNS platform to an anycast platform supporting 480+ TLD's (almost one third of the root zone), and how customer requirements caused a fundamental change in thinking along the way.

I plan to delve into 4 areas:
1) Zone Propagation architecture, monitoring points, self-healing, and alerting.
2) DNS Availability - CIRA's development of it's own monitoring platform
3) DNS RTT - How CIRA decides on locations/transits/IXP's and the feedback loop provided by both RIPE ATLAS and CIRA's own monitoring platform.
4) DSC/PCAP Delivery - Delivering DSC/PCAP's that are complete and delivered in a timely fashion.

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Primary author

Jake Zack (CIRA)

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