October 11, 2022 AGM
UTC timezone

DNS-OARC is a non-profit, membership organization that seeks to improve the security, stability, and understanding of the Internet's DNS infrastructure.

The DNS-OARC 2022 Annual General Meeting will be held as an online-only event on Tuesday 11th October at 15:00 UTC. This will be a fully stand-alone event, separate from the OARC 39 workshop , which will take place 1.5 weeks later on the 22nd-23rd October.

OARC Members will be electing two seats on the OARC Board of Directors to serve a two-year term on the Board, and who will contribute to the continued development of OARC.

Nominated candidates and their supporting statements will be posted  on the OARC AGM 2022 Board Candidates page

Note: OARC 39 (jointly with the 47th CENTR Technical Workshop) will take place separately 1.5 weeks after the AGM on October 22nd & 23rd. Click on [OARC 39] for the agenda and registration for that workshop.



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