October 11, 2022 AGM
UTC timezone

AGM Resolutions

Note: All participants attending the AGM must be signed up for the "Members" team on our [Mattermost chat server]

Mattermost polls in the "AGM Voting" channel will be used to cast and count resolution votes.

This channel may also be used for any decisions requiring Member input that arise during the AGM.

Participants who will be voting on AGM resolutions will receive an invitation to the "AGM Voting" channel on the OARC Mattermost chat server. If you do not receive this on Mon 10th Oct, please contact us ASAP on admin@dns-oarc.net.

There are 3 formal business resolutions at this year's AGM, to approve:

  1. the 2021 Financial Statement
  2. the 2021 AGM Minutes
  3. an increase to OARC Membership dues

These documents and the text of the resolutions are in the [meeting agenda]

For any Member unable to have a representative attend the AGM live, please complete the [Proxy form] to vote on the resolutions.

These must be submitted to [admin@dns-oarc.net] no later than 23:59 PDT on Monday 10th October