October 11, 2022 AGM
UTC timezone


The AGM will be conducted over Zoom (using webinar format), allowing video, audio, and chat participation with Q&A for all.

All registered delegates will have received a Zoom invitation unique to the participant upon registering. (Please check your Spam folder for this.)

All participants attending the AGM must be signed up for the "Members" team on our [Mattermost chat server]. This will be required for voting on resolutions, and The "Town Square" channel there for asking questions, and general meeting interaction.

For questions during the AGM, you can ask via either:

  • In the "Town Square" channel of the "Members" Team on our Mattermost server
    • Prefix your question with "#question" in the channel, and our Q&A moderator will read it out for you.


  • Verbally. To speak your question, use the "raise hand" feature in Zoom, and the Q&A Monitor will prompt you when it is your turn.

Note that the AGM event and registration are completely separate from the [OARC 39 workshop] on 22nd/23rd October.