October 31, 2019 to November 1, 2019 AGM
JW Marriott Austin
America/Winnipeg timezone
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Building and deploying a new nameserver

Oct 31, 2019, 9:15 AM
Griffin Hall (JW Marriott Austin)

Griffin Hall

JW Marriott Austin

110 E 2nd St Austin TX 78701 USA
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Manu Bretelle (Facebook)


At Facebook, we had been leveraging tinydns server since 2012 when we started owning our DNS Load Balancer. Tinydns is simple, stable, resource efficient, pragmatic as well as opinionated. As much as those are its strength, evolving/modifying our DNS stack was limited, engineers that would feel comfortable and confident supporting/changing the code and deploying changes could be counted on one hand in a mitten.

Early 2018, we started playing with an alternative solution. Having a PoC in February 2018, we started rolling our software (FBDNS) in production in early April 2018 and reached full production deployment across 100% of our “b” nameservers a month later.

FBDNS has been running on 100% of our production for the last year and has enabled us, amongst other things, to easily add support for DNS over TCP, DoT, better instrument the internals of our software, leverage unittests to prevent regressions and validate business logic, and increase the amount of engineers that are able to contribute and support our nameserver software.

This talk will cover the journey from project inception and decisions that were made, going from a proof of concept to implementing feature parity with tinydns and starting to incrementally deploy to production until finally building trust to run FBDNS on 100% of our infrastructure. We will also cover some of the mechanism we used to guarantee the accuracy of fbdns as well some of the issues that we encountered along the way.

Talk Duration Lightning Talk 10 Minutes

Primary author

Manu Bretelle (Facebook)

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