28-29 September 2020
UTC timezone

DNS Privacy… there must be an app for that?

28 Sep 2020, 17:30
Standard Presentation Online Workshop OARC 33 Day 1


Sara Dickinson (Sinodun IT)


This talk will start with a brief review of the range of available DNS privacy clients. It will then focus on current and future options for desktop clients and provide a tour of a new Graphical Interface for the Stubby client designed with the goal of making DNS privacy useable, flexible and secure for non-technical users.

Postponement (Please leave blank)

  • [Jan] September date works for the speaker.
  • Happy to do present at postponed OARC 33 or a virtual OARC 33.
  • Remote presentation for mini-OARC or other OARC activity is possible depending on the exact timing.
    -This applies to both of the submissionsmade (14 and 15). For a meeting in Feb 2021 (OARC 34) would probably submit different topics.
Talk Duration 10 minutes

Primary author

Sara Dickinson (Sinodun IT)

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