Keith Mitchell (DNS-OARC)

DNS-OARC is a non-profit, membership organization that seeks to improve the security, stability, and understanding of the Internet's DNS infrastructure. Part of these aims are achieved through workshops.

The DNS-OARC 2021 Annual General Meeting will be held as an online-only event on Thursday 28th October at 14:00 UTC. This will be a fully stand-alone event, separate from the OARC36 workshop , which will take place one month later on the 29-30th November.

OARC Members will be electing four seats on the OARC Board of Directors to serve a two-year term on the Board, and who will contribute to the continued development of OARC.

Nominated candidates and their supporting statements are on the OARC AGM 2021 Board Candidates page

  • Allison Mankin
  • Anand Buddhdev
  • Andreas Taudte
  • Benno Overeinder
  • Brad Rhodes
  • Brett Carr
  • Brian Dickson
  • Brian Somers
  • Bryan Hughes
  • Casey Deccio
  • Cedrick Adrien Mbeyet
  • Denesh Bhabuta
  • Dmitry Kohmanyuk
  • Duane Wessels
  • Eduardo Duarte
  • Eduardo Mercader
  • Eric Ziegast
  • Geoff Huston
  • Jacques Latour
  • Jan Horak
  • Jarle Fredrik Greipsland
  • Jaromir Talir
  • Jeff Osborn
  • Jerry Lundström
  • João Damas
  • Karl Reuss
  • Kazunori Fujiwara
  • Kc Claffy
  • Keith Mitchell
  • Larry Campbell
  • Lars-Johan Liman
  • Manu Bretelle
  • Marc Groeneweg
  • Matt Larson
  • Matthew Ford
  • Matthew Pounsett
  • P Ebersman
  • Paul Duffy
  • Peter Hagopian
  • Peter Koch
  • Peter Van Dijk
  • Ralf Weber
  • Ray Bellis
  • Sebastian Castro
  • Steve Sullivan
  • Suzanne Woolf
  • Ulrich Wisser
  • Wayne Maclaurin
  • Wes Hardaker