Sep 6 – 7, 2023 Workshop
Meliá Danang Beach Resort
Asia/Ho_Chi_Minh timezone

Strengthening DNS Security and IPv6 Implementation in Bangladesh: Overcoming Operational Challenges

Sep 6, 2023, 2:50 PM
Meliá Danang Beach Resort

Meliá Danang Beach Resort

19 Trường Sa, Hoà Hải, Ngũ Hành Sơn, Đà Nẵng 550000, Vietnam
Remote Standard Presentation Main Session OARC 41 Day 1


Mr Imran Hossen (EyHost Ltd.)


The digital landscape in Bangladesh, as a prominent AP regional country, presents a dynamic arena for the adoption of IPv6 and the implementation of DNS Security Extensions (DNSSEC).
This presentation focuses on the operational challenges faced within Bangladesh's network infrastructure and shares insights into navigating the complexities of DNS security and IPv6 integration.
Bangladesh's network ecosystem comprises a diverse range of stakeholders, including a prominent ccTLD registry, numerous hosting companies, ISPs, and data centers. Recent accomplishments include the successful DNSSEC deployment by the ccTLD registry and incremental IPv6 upgrades within select ISPs and data centers. While these milestones demonstrate progress, operational hurdles remain that necessitate strategic approaches and collaboration.

Drawing inspiration from the OARC 41 call for contributions and tailored to the AP region, this session will dive into the following localized areas:
1. Operational Challenges: Highlighting operational lessons learned from past incidents, addressing operational obstacles specific to Bangladesh's context, and sharing strategies for enhancing operational efficiency and tooling.
2. DNSSEC Implementation: Showcasing the ccTLD registry's successful journey in deploying DNSSEC, and sharing insights.
3. IPv6 Integration: Demonstrating the gradual integration of IPv6 within Bangladesh's network landscape, leveraging case studies from local ISPs and data centers, and addressing local challenges such as skill gaps and funding constraints.
By spotlighting real-world examples and practical solutions from Bangladesh, this presentation will offer a nuanced understanding of the unique challenges faced within the country's network ecosystem. Attendees will gain insights into the strategies employed to overcome these challenges, foster operational excellence, and drive DNS security and IPv6 implementation forward in the AP region.

With a focus on regional expertise, this presentation invites attendees to engage in discussions to share experiences, challenges, and solutions. By leveraging the power of collaboration and knowledge exchange, we can collectively contribute to a more secure, resilient, and future-ready digital infrastructure for Bangladesh.

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Mr Imran Hossen (EyHost Ltd.)

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