Oct 13 – 14, 2018
Okura Hotel
Europe/Amsterdam timezone

Annual General Meeting

2018 Annual General Meeting of OARC, Inc

Date: Sunday 14th October 2018
Time: 14:00 UTC
16:00 CEST
Location: Hotel Okura
Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Room: Heian I/II
Jabber: xmpp:members@conference.dns-oarc.net
Chair: Duane Wessels

OARC 2018 AGM Timetable

  • 20th June: Registration open
  • 10th August: Call for Board election nominations
  • 11th September: Initial Deadline for Board Election candidate nominations.
  • 13th September: Resolutions and election candidate platforms posted.

OARC 2018 AGM Agenda

  1. 16:00 Start of formal AGM business

  2. AGM opening by OARC Chairman (Duane Wessels)

  3. 16:10 Receive OARC Treasurer's Report on 2017 audited Financial Statements. (Jacques Latour,)

  4. 16:30 Approve 2017 OARC Audited Financial Statements

  5. Approve Minutes of 2017 AGM (corrected).

  6. 16:40 Special Resolutions:

    1. "to approve additional revisions to Sections 2 and 4A of Article IV of the Company’s Bylaws so that not more than one person employed by or affiliated with a particular member organization may be nominated or elected to serve as a Director."
    2. "that any Director holding office as of the date of the Company’s 2018 annual meeting of the members shall serve the remainder of their terms as individual Directors, not as designees of particular member organizations."
    3. "to add a new Section 2.3(d) to the DNS-OARC Participation Agreement which states as follows: Participant, and all individuals acting on behalf of Participant, shall comply at all times with the DNS-OARC Conduct Policy."
  7. 17:15 Elect three member representatives to the OARC Board (Proxy Form)

  8. 17:30 Close of meeting