3-5 October 2015
Fairmont Queen Elizabeth
US/Eastern timezone
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Fairmont Queen Elizabeth - St-Francois
Public Workshop

Impact of DNS over TCP - a resolver point of view


  • Mr. Joao Luis SILVA DAMAS

Primary authors

Abstract content

Using traffic captured at two different ISP's recursive resolvers we analise the potential impact on the servers of long lived TCP sessions, investigating the effect of timeout settings, the total number of simultaneous connections that would be kept open and the potential benefits of connection reuse as proposed in the current version of draft-ietf-dnsop-5966bis, with the intent of offering simulated operational advice, based on observerd traffic.

The study looks at the impact on the recursive server as it queries authoritative servers as well as while it talks to stubs, two very different aspects of the life of a recursive server.

Please also consider this submission for the NANOG65 DNS track